Domestic RHI Calculator

Rainbow Heat and Power has designed a Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) calculator which is essentially and easy-to-use spreadsheet. The purpose of the RHI calculator is to give an indication of the financial return and carbon reduction that could be achieved by the installation of a biomass boiler. It will calculate the cost saving of using biomass fuel versus existing fossil fuel, and the potential value of income from the RHI payments, fuel savings and the payback from the investment. The figures are expressed in both annual terms and as a total for the seven-year duration of the scheme. You are also able to change key variables such as the cost of borrowing and biomass fuel costs.

Download your FREE RHI calculator today (you don’t even need to leave any details) and take a look at your potential savings and income.

Follow these simple steps To Use Rainbow's Domestic RHI Calculator....

1. Enter the house's heat demand (as defined by the property's EPC) in kW.

2. Enter the total installed cost of the project. *

3. Choose the fossil fuel currently used.

4. Choose the biomass fuel type.

5. View summary of results which indicate carbon savings, net project cashflow, discounted cashflow and the payback period of the project.

6. Review your results and change variables such as the cost of biomass fuel or the cost of borrowing.

*If you don’t know the total cost of your biomass boiler system, have a look at our case studies or contact us on 01884 212 044 or via