Rainbow to become an MCS installer once again

19 May 2019

After a 3 year break from domestic installations, Rainbow Heat & Power are pleased to announce that we will shortly be an MCS installer for biomass once again. After a number of years of successfully undertaking domestic installations as an MCS installer, due to the reduction in the RHI we found the number of domestic projects going ahead reduced significantly. We made the business decision at the time to take ourselves off the MCS installer list, and just concentrate on commercial projects.

Fast forward 3 years and we find ourselves in the position where we are contacted frequently by customers where biomass makes perfect sense for them, but they are unable to find a reputable and experienced installer for their project. We have therefore decided once again to become an MC installer so that we can cater for the needs of our customers.

We currently have an MCS audit booked in for the middle of June, following which we’ll registered as an MCS installer. In the meantime though, do feel free to contact us to discuss your project, as by the time we are due to hit site on any domestic installations, we will once again be an MCS installer.