Sommerauer ECO Premium 199 to 250kW

Medium to Large Commercial Heating

The Sommerauer  ECO Premium 250 Series of biomass boilers burns up to G20-G50 (20mm to 50mm chips size) wood chips or ENPlus A1 or A2 wood pellets.

Heat outputs from 199kW up to 250kW are available from a single boiler system and up to six boilers can be cascaded up to a total system size of 1,500kW.

Each boiler is driven by high 90% + combustion efficiencies, usability and simple system maintenance. You also gain peace of mind from a 5 year warranty on the man body of the boiler, 3 years on all other mechncial items and 1 year on electronic parts.

High Efficiency Combustion

A patented burner system and rotary grate deliver highly efficient combustion at temperatures in excess of 1,200oC. An advanced lambda sensor introduces just the right amount of oxygen, which is controlled by an induced draft fan to further assist and control combustion.

Automatic Heat Exchanger Cleaning

The SL199/250 features a steel heat exchanger which is made up of six rows of vertical cylinders.

Inside each cylinder is a sprung turbulator which is in constant motion to keep the surface of the heat exchanger clean from efficiency reducing deposits. This ensures that the heat produced through combustion is efficiently and rapidly transferred to water with minimal energy losses.

Ease of Use

The electronic touch screen control panel is based on a modern, modular design and allows easy control of 16 individual heating circuits within the boiler system.

Wood Pellet Fuel Delivery Options

Wood pellets are delivered into the biomass boiler by vacuum tube with lengths of 800 - 1,200mm. The fuel store for wood pellets can be custom-built, delivered prefabricated or constructed underground. 

Wood Chip Fuel Delivery Systems

Single agitator diameters of up to 6m are available and multiple agitators can be installed on a single system to handle wood chips.

This enables larger wood chip fuel stores to be constructed, minimising fills and enabling cost-effective bulk-buying or contract-chipping of large quantities of wood directly into a fuel store.

Additional further installation flexibility is given to the installation as the fuel chip system is able to be from the wood chip fuel delivery system being able to be connected to the left or right hand side of the boiler. This makes the ECO Premium suitable for a wide range of sites, locations and projects.

The fuel delivery system for wood chips also features a two piece auger channel, with lengths up to 15m and a separate auger box lid for easy maintenance. The auger itself comes in one solid piece, making it  which makes it robust without multiple points of weakness.

Rugged and Robust

Heavy duty, direct drive bevelled gear boxes feature hard-wearing silicon carbide coated ball bearings and there are no chains to break or snap. This makes the SL199/250 Series reliable and built to last. 

The auger control also features an energy saving mode The agitator disc stops rotating under the weight of a full fuel store, which further reduces power consumption.


Burn back protection is provided by the auger motor drive with a rotary discharge head. An induced draft fan generates negative pressure in the combustion chamber and ensures the highest levels of reliability and safety. 

Low Volumes of Ash

There is very little ash (roughly 1%) to the volume of fuel used, for example;

  • A 199kW system will use approximately 75 tonnes of wood chips, which will generate approximately 750kg of ash a year.
  • A 250kW system will use approximately 99 tonnes of wood chips, which will generate approximately 990kg of ash a year.

Ash is automatically transferred and compressed into an automatic ash extraction system, which is supplied as standard.

Ash from a biomass boiler can be used as fertiliser, due to the high level of nitrates.

Technical Data

 ECO Premium Biomass Boiler  199 250
Maximum Heat Output kW 199 250
Minimum Heat Output kW 70
Combustion Efficiency %

91.1 Min/ 95.3 Max

Width mm 1,175
Height mm 1,800
Depth mm 2,650
Flow & Return Diameter " 73
Flue Connection Diameter mm 250
Flue Connection Height mm 1,370
Boiler Weight (Assembled) kg 2,100
Auger Weight kg 250
Water Content Ltr 390
Power Supply A/V 16/ 400