Sommerauer Control Panel

Sommerauer biomass boilers are fitted with an electronic touch screen control panel.

Giving access to vital performance information and puts the user in control of all key functions such as heat output and boiler efficiencies.

The electronic display information offers help with routine maintenance and the identification of faults, ensuring that the very best performance can be gained from the biomass boiler.

Additionally,  you can view the touch screen and operate it remotely from a computer, iPad or smartphone. Wherever you are located in the world you will have control, allowing clients remote access and observation of the status of the boiler and buffer tank. This system data can be downloaded or uploaded by USB connection on the fascia panel.

Easily and conveniently set timers, thermostats and other boiler performance parameters can all be viewed to give you

Within the control panel, you can also set the required temperatures for both the biomass boiler and the buffer tank.

This way, the boiler's job is to keep the temperature in the buffer tank at the level required. Once this level has been reached, the boiler will idle until the buffer's temperature drops below a certain point and then fire up to boost the temperature. This makes for a more efficient heating system than if the boiler was to fire up from cold each time.

There is more information available about the finer points of the control panels in the manual. Contact us for more.