About Effecta

Bio-Energy Since 1982

aA small dirt road in the idyllic grove of Rågdal, Sweden, is where Effecta began. Veronika and Bertil Eriksson started the company in 1982.

The Effecta lambda family of biomass boilers

In 1991 Erik Andersson, grandson to Veronika and Bertil took over the business. Effecta has since grown into one of the Swedish biomass industry's fastest growing renewable heating companies and a leading international player.

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Over 30 Years’ Experience

The secret of Effecta’s success lies in research and development, a function which expertly manages and creates Effecta’s Bio-Energy products.

Effecta Lambda boiler with pellet burner

After over 30 years in the business, Effecta have honed their knowledge and experience to produce reliable, innovative, high-end ‘Renewable, Low and Zero Carbon Technologies’ with advanced control systems, to deliver the best heating system for your project.

Storage options

Effecta develops and manufactures most of its product range in Sweden, providing the highest quality and reliability. The products that they import have been chosen with care and from the highest quality suppliers in Europe.


A Complete Supplier

Effecta’s aim is to manufacture renewable heating products to be as maintenance-free as possible, as well as being safe, easy to use and environmentally-friendly. They delivered the first biofuel plant in 1982 and since then has delivered thousands of products to businesses and homes.

Ideally Suited for Domestic RHI Projects

Their range of biomass boilers are already MCS and HETAS accredited and suitable for the Renewable Heat Incentive.

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Effecta have a bright vision for the future of sustainable heating products and their biomass systems are manufactured to the highest standards, offering many years of reliable operation, supported by people passionate about both their product quality and your customer service.

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Effecta Worldwide 

Effecta serves a growing export market and has distributors in several countries worldwide. These include Norway, Finland, Germany, Spain, France, USA, Belgium, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Poland, Ireland and now the United Kingdom.