Fuel Storage FAQs

Q. What storage facilities are needed for the fuel?

A. We supply a range of solutions from bespoke wood chip and wood pellet fuel stores, to prefabricated systems to integrated storage solutions fitted as part of the boiler.

Q. How Big Should a Fuel Store Be?

A. This depends on the size and use of the boiler and the area or facilities you have to convert/create a store. The fuel store should be sized on a fuel consumption that requires a maximum of  3-4 fillings per year, and is designed to take a ‘full load’ from the supplier – increasing the cost effectiveness of your chosen fuel.

Q. Do Rainbow Heat and Power biomass boilers have an auto feed option?

A. We have a range of fuel delivery systems and different sizes of fuel stores, which will auger or vacuum feed the fuel into the boiler.​

Q. Can storage units for the boiler go underground?

A. Yes they can. We can supply 4-6 tonne underground fuel stores.​