Because you shouldn’t go it alone

16 December 2014

It's no secret that a biomass boiler is a daunting investment, with a significant up-front cost. But in return think about how much you’ll be able to slash off your fuel costs and reduce your CO2 emissions, whilst earning yourself a tidy sum in RHI payments every year

Here at Rainbow Heat and Power we want to make this big investment in your future as easy as possible. We realise that most of our clients have multiple quotes carried out before deciding on a company to complete their installation, and the number one reason we win projects is that we have no hidden costs. Assuming we are still on the brutally honest principle, we aren’t always the cheapest and we certainly won’t fit the largest possible boiler on your premises in hopes of gaining you more RHI payments.

If you’re still reading this then I’m glad I haven’t lost you after confessing that we aren’t the cheapest about; although thank you for sticking around long enough for me to explain why that is. Firstly, we aren’t the cheapest installer because our quotes are all inclusive. This basically means our quotes will include all costs that we are able to foresee from the start to the end of your project. So no surprises for you…or us, hopefully!

Secondly, our products are top of the range. The manufactures we choose to buy from have been producing biomass boilers for decades. The have proven themselves in the manufacturing world and they continue to finely tune their products which further cements their position as being among the most innovative biomass boiler manufacturers on the market today. It is all well and good to get the cheapest biomass boiler and have it installed with the lure of RHI payments, but can you safely say your boiler will last 20 years? Why such a significant number? That’s because it is paramount that you have the same boiler (minus parts that need replacement) for 20 years in order to stay eligible for RHI payments. Yes, in simple terms, if your boiler breaks down or must be replaced you lose your RHI payments in its entirety.

Thirdly, we’re not just selling you a boiler, we pride ourselves in selling you a complete service. If point two is still ringing in your head, then I trust you remember the need for your boiler to last all of 20 years. And that’s a long time for anything to last, so inevitably things will go wrong. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got yourself an all-guns-blazing boiler bursting with state-of-the-art technology or even how much you polish it with love and kiss it goodnight every night, because anything with moving parts will wear down with constant use and after so many years. But luckily you’ll have to worry no more on how to ensure your boiler lasts all 20 years! Rainbow Heat and Power will be there to service your boiler. We aren’t a company that has sprung out on the tailcoats of RHI and will fizzle away when the RHI is gone. The directors at Rainbow Heat and Power have been in the renewable energy business long before RHI and they will continue to be involved long after.

The bottom line is if you are going to make such a big investment, and let’s face it even the cheapest of biomass boilers are a big investment, wouldn’t you rather make your decision on credentials rather than simple pound signs? Biomass heating is a long term investment requiring long term products and long term service, and that’s something we promise you we are born to do. Please give us a call at 01884 212 044 or email us at to set up your survey today.