Biomass Boiler Systems Replaces 2 LPG Boilers, Saves Client 20% Fuel Costs & Reduces CO2 by 96%

3 November 2014

Gumma Farm is a free range poultry farm in Presteigne on the Welsh borders with 2 broiler sheds, growing 132,000 birds per year.

Bird welfare is a paramount on the farm. Management of the poultry houses environment a big part of this. The farms owners had been experiencing high costs of using open LPG heating which is an expensive and inefficient heat source. They were detrimental to the poultry house environment and led to increased humidity, CO2 and ammonia levels.

As a result, a large amount of ventilation was needed, leading to more heating expense to maintain temperature. This, combined with regular top-ups of bedding was costing the farm a lot of money.

The driver for the customer was the reduction of the farm’s LPG fuel bill and to generate Renewable Heat Incentive payments. A further driver was to supply a better growing environment for the birds by producing drier heat than the existing LPG heaters.

They also hoped to alleviate the need to spend money on electricity to run the large ventilation units that are required to remove the products of combustion that are typically pumped in poultry sheds heated by open LPG heaters.

The fuel cost savings and RHI payments will be reinvested back into Gumma Farm in order to support the farm’s long term growth plans.

Rainbow Heat and Power installed the boiler, fuel delivery system and buffer tank in the plantroom as well as the heat main to connect the poultry sheds and farm house. The system replaced internal LPG heater units in the poultry sheds but also the farmhouse’s LPG boiler. We also installed a new hot water and radiator system inside the 2 poultry sheds and carried out the connections into the farm house.

The installation will soon be accredited into the Renewable Heat Incentive and start receiving payments. The RHI Payments and fuel cost savings will make the project both financially and environmentally sustainable.

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