Find Out About the Renewable Heat Incentive at the Mid Devon Show

24 July 2014

Tiverton-based biomass boiler company Rainbow Heat and Power are sponsoring the Mid Devon Show this year.

We provide biomass heating solutions for home, business and agriculture (often using district heating). From design to commissioning, we have the experience to provide the complete solution.

Rainbow Heat and Power are sponsoring the Mid Devon Show as we are keen to inform businesses and homeowners from the local area about how to use biomass boiler heating to make money via the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and reduce their fuel costs by up to 80% versus fossil fuels

At the show, you will see our banners at the Main Ring, Livestock arena, car parks and parking arena. We also have our own marquee Number JO14, just near to the main ring, where staff will be on hand to talk all things biomass related.

Case Studies of Our Work

Please take a look at our case studies page to find out more about some recent biomass boiler installations in the Mid Devon Area.

The Renewable Heat Incentive

The RHI is an initiative set up by the government. Its aim is to encourage more people to invest in renewable technologies including biomass boilers.

The incentive applies to homeowners, communities and businesses and provides them with considerable financial incentives. The plan is to make a significant contribution to the UK’s emission reduction targets for 2020.

The Renewable Heat Incentive is split into two phases. Phase one is known as the Commercial RHI is targeted at businesses, charities, not for profit, public sector and domestic biomass boiler district heating applications. Phase two is the domestic RHI, which is targeted at domestic applications up to 45kW.

Commercial RHI Payments

The payments are not insignificant, the Commercial RHI tier one tariff at 8.4p per kWh with the scheme running over a 20 year period. For example on the commercial scheme per annum, a 110kW system would gain anticipated RHI payments of £12,141 with a 150kW system attracting around £16,556 in annual payments, index linked for the 20 year lifetime of the scheme.

Once accredited, a commercial RHI system’s payments are based on submitting quarterly heat meter readings, so you then are paid for your actual usage. See more information on commercial RHI projects and the benefits of installing a commercial system here.

Domestic RHI Payments

Domestic RHI projects are paid over 7 years and are based on a tariff of 12.2p per kWh. For example, a Domestic RHI installation featuring a 20kW biomass boiler would attract payments of £3,200 per annum and a 40kW system would attract payments of £6,400 per annum. See some worked examples at 5kW breaks from 15 to 45kW here.

During accreditation into the Domestic RHI, the payments are based on “deemed usage”. This refers to the heat demand defined in the Energy Performance Certificate of the property that the biomass boiler is installed into. This means that you will be paid a regular amount that you can count on.

Fuel Cost Savings From Biomass

Biomass also offers large fuel cost savings, when compared to fossil fuels. For example, wood chips offer fuel cost savings of 50-80% versus heating oil and LPG with wood pellets offering fuel cost savings of 20-40%.

The fuel cost savings and RHI payments combined can mean a 3-4 year payback on the capital cost of installing a biomass boiler heating system.

What’s more, the Biomass Energy Centre has confirmed that by moving to biomass heating you can save up to 98% CO2 when compared to fossil fuels. So, by moving to biomass heating, you can also be proud to be doing your part for the environment and helping us to all breathe a little easier.

So, if you would like to find out more about how either a commercial or domestic RHI project can pay you for the heat you generate and use, how you can save up to 80% on your fuel costs versus fossil fuels and reduce your emissions by up to 98%, either visit Rainbow Heat and Power at marquee Number JO14 at the Mid Devon Show or contact us directly.