Has Your Household Turned the Thermostat Up?

23 October 2014

Research has recently shown that a third of us argue with our partners/house mates over turning up the thermostat. And be warned, a quarter of us do it secretly!

With the cost of fossil fuel rising by 28% over the last 3 years [Source: Ofgem] most of our arguments focus on the cost of turning the heating on. It’s the extra layer vs the comfort factor.

Rainbow Heat and Power have a wide range of biomass boilers that can settle this argument for years to come.  For example we offer an Effecta Komplett III Pellet Boiler which boasts fuel costs savings of up to 40% and accreditation into the 7 year domestic RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) Scheme. With heat outputs up to 35kW, built in hot water production, automatic self-cleaning and built in heating and pump controls these boilers are particularly suited to a domestic dwelling. They are smaller than your typical biomass boiler and with no need for an addition hot water tank they can fit easily into most homes.

Coupled with the financial benefits of installing a biomass boiler with Rainbow Heat and Power, you will also receive piece of mind with a new system, warranties and great aftercare from Rainbow Heat and Power.

If you would like to know more about how Rainbow Heat and Power can help you achieve an argument free winter, call us on 01884 212 044 or email us at Hello@RainbowHeatandPower.co.uk.