Journeying far and wide

19 May 2015

How is it May already?! There’s just been so much happening in the space of five months, that we’ve all lost track of time. I don’t even know where to begin.

Well, looking at our last news item when the tornado was just beginning to lift off, we proudly you introduced Ivar the Effecta to you and his plan to help raise awareness and funds for a worthy cause, Rainbows Children’s Hospice by partaking in the three-peak challenge. While we’re at it, he would truly appreciate your support in joining him in the challenge as well as some kind donation that will help make a difference to the children at Rainbows Hospice.

If you’ve been keeping in touch with us through our Facebook and Twitter, I can’t see how you would’ve escaped updates of and from our li’l Viking. Yes, Ivar has been nothing short of a celebrity ever since he came over to the UK. He has even mastered the social media craze and decided to open his own Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Ivar’s main mission when he embarked upon his journey to the UK was to meet local installers and spread the Effecta warmth, while using that as a legitimate excuse to gallivant around the UK. Ivar’s UK tour was a great success and brought together some great calibre of people who were more than worthy to be a part of the Effecta clan.

Ivar was joined by some  of his most trusted Jarls, namely Hannes and Erik who also travelled across the seas from Great Sweden along with Ben and Gordon who journeyed from the Kingdom of Tiverton to share their wealth of knowledge and expertise on the inner workings of the clan. Those who attended were bestowed the Great Bible, partook in some serious discussions, shared the plentiful harvest of the day and toasted to good health before they called the day to an end for a well-deserved slumber.

Apart from the successful yet serious clan meetings, Ivar and his Jarls seemed to have had a whale of a time on their first ever UK tour and thoroughly enjoyed themselves silly – they made it their mission to. After all, they heard over the grapevine about Jack and his inability to juggle work and play.

A tour of the UK will not be so if it doesn’t begin at the very tail end – appropriately named Land’s End. And so it began…

April 26, 2015

Land’s End

The UK tour begins at Land's End

What a windy day it was!

The Vikings put on a show at the world famous Minack Theatre

The Vikings put on a great show at the world famous Minack Theatre. There’s more to them than meets the eye


April 27, 2015


The inmates at Dartmoor Prison

The inmates at HM Dartmoor Prison


April 28, 2015


mischievous trio

Vikings up to no good

Life on the road

Conquered Stonehenge

We came, we saw, we conquered Stonehenge!


April 29, 2015


All competitive ar Brand's Hatch

The Vikings get all competitive at Brand’s Hatch


April 30 2015


West Stow Hall

West Stow Village

Clan meeting

Vikings at West Stow Village

Working flat out

The Vikings worked flat out after some serious clan meetings at West Stow


April 31, 2015


Meeting in Derbyshire

Vikings on a ride in Alton Towers

Unlike Jack, the Vikings know how to work AND play at Alton Towers


May 10, 2015

John O’Groats

John O'Groats signpost

John O'Groats

A UK tour would not be complete until the Effecta Vikings had been to John O’Groats too


May 11, 2015

Loch Ness, Scotland

Loch Ness

Sharing some age ol’ secrets with Nessie


May 12, 2015

Stirling, Scotland

William Wallace Monument

The Vikings misbehave at the William Wallace Monument


Offer Ivar up to the gods

It’s all amicable until it isn’t and Gordon has had enough of Ivar and decides to offer him up to the gods


May 12, 2015

Tyne and Wear

Angel of the North

We just had to stop over for a pic with her J


May 13, 2015


Hadrian's Wall

Hanging out at Hadrian’s Wall before Dale has had enough of Ivar’s mischiefs

Boys will be boys

Need I say more?!


May 14, 2015

West Yorkshire

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Yorkshire Sculpture Park


May 15, 2015


Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker

Checking out Hack Green Secret Nuclear Bunker

On the home run

Ivar jumps up and down on the bus wanting to get off. We're on the home stretch now...


May 18, 2015


Castle Coch

Castle Coch

And finally, the clan head off to find the perfect finish line…

Millenium Stadium

Millennium Stadium


And Ben musters all the energy to stretch over the finish line to score a try, signalling a triumphant end to an adventurous and eventful feat that was the UK tour.

Touch down with a try

That’s all folks!