Lindner and Sommerauer Launch Their New Website

13 November 2014

Last week saw the launch of Linder & Sommerauer’s new website. The site has lots of information (in German!) about the range of boilers they offer. As the sole distributor in the UK of the Lindner & Sommerauer biomass boilers at Rainbow Heat and Power we were extremely excited to see their new images, especially this one… augers touch enough to withstand the strongest of jaws.

In the Rainbow Heat and Power office we have spent a considerable amount of time coming up with some catch phrases we think would work with this picture, our top 3 follows:

Bear with us

We’ve been waiting fur to long

We’ve bearly started

Feel free to tweet us your suggestions @rainbow_heat_power

Although we have had fun in the office thinking of relevant and funny tag lines, in all seriousness the new website is great and the picture is only reinforcing that the Lindner & Sommerauer biomass boilers really are heavy duty machines and the automated auger’s that feed the woodfuel to the boilers are strong and reliable. This makes the Lindner & Sommerauer range a really good choice for your biomass boiler project.

To find out what other benefits these boilers bring, contact us at, we can’t wait to get our claws into your biomass boiler project (sorry couldn’t resist!)