Photos of Ben Bevan’s Trip to the Lindner & Sommerauer Biomass Boiler Factory

5 December 2014

Further to our news post earlier this week, we have just received some photos of Ben Bevan's visit to the Lindner & Sommerauer factory in Austria this week. Hermann Lindner and Christian Sommerauer founded Lindner & Sommerauer in 1991, manufacturing biomass boilers in Upper Austria. This area of the country is well known as the centre of excellence for biomass boiler research and development.

Lindner & Sommerauer’s expertise in the field of combustion and plant technology put them in the perfect position to develop robust and continually reliable systems built to an extremely high technical standard. It was really interesting to see the manufacturing process and to see biomass boilers due for Rainbow Heat and Power projects being made ready to be shipped to the UK.

We have never seen so many SL Series boilers in one place before and it was a nice feeling to know that several of them have been manufactured for biomass boiler projects that have been sold by Rainbow Heat and Power. In the last year, sales have really ramped up and it is not until you take stock that this really comes home, we are a very different biomass boiler company than we were just 12 months ago.

Lindner and Sommerauer biomass boilers are fitted with an electronic touch screen control panel. This new feature gives a user friendly control of  all key functions such as timers, thermostats, heat outputs and boiler efficiencies. These functions can also be accessed remotely, as well as vital performance information. You can see the new touch screen control panel on the SL 199/250 biomass boiler below, which can run on wood chips or wood pellets.

The photograph below is of a visit to a recent installation of two SL 199kW biomass boilers, featuring the huge ash bins you can see to the left hand side. The installation was just near to the Lindner & Sommerauer factory.

Pictured are Gerald,head engineer from Lindner & Sommerauer and Chris from Towne Timber, one of the Rainbow Heat and Power clients. Ashley Stokes, Technical Director from our sister company Wye Valley Energy can be seen in the background.