Rainbow Heat and Power are Looking Forward to Tar Barrels, Ottery St Mary

5 November 2014

Instead of the traditional Guy Fawkes celebration, at Rainbow Heat and Power we are just down the road from the internationally recognised Flaming Tar Barrels. This display is not for the faint hearted with the tradition of townsfolk carrying the flaming barrels on their backs with not a lot between participants and spectators. From looking at the pictures it looks like the Tar Barrels produce nearly as much heat as a Biomass Boiler!

The event is hundreds of years old and although the exact origins are unknown the organisers presume it stems from Guy Fawkes and the celebrations across the country made at the time of the foiled Gun Powder Plot.

The procession of Flaming Tar Barrels starts in the afternoon and 17 barrels are burnt with the last one at midnight. As well as the main event the town also hosts a giant bonfire, which is built by material collected from the community from 3 weeks before the event.

Due to the risks involved in this event we would strongly advise looking at their website before deciding to go along, if you do decide to go, it’s well worth the trip and here at Rainbow Heat and Power we can’t wait to go along and support our local community.

If you realise your heating isn’t up to the November weather, call us at Rainbow Heat and Power to talk about how you could benefit from a biomass boiler, reducing your fuel costs and CO2 emissions.