We Can Help You Use an Untapped Biomass Boiler Fuel Supply

30 September 2014

Some of the biggest savings our clients can make on fuel costs are where they self-supply with wood fuel sourced from their own woodland. Chipping your own fuel can save up to 80% compared to the cost of heating oil. Our partners Wye Valley Energy heat their offices on this basis, with a 50kW Lindner & Sommerauer biomass boiler.

A contract chipping machine can visit your site and process 15-20 tonnes of wood an hour at a cost of as little as £20 per tonne. Your logs will need to be seasoned so they contain less than 30% moisture before chipping.

It’s not just woodland owners that can make this level of saving on fuel costs. An often untapped source of wood fuel is Hedgerow Wood which is then seasoned and chipped as above.

On a 15 year coppice rotation without periodic top trimming, a total length of 3km of hedgerow (coppicing around 200m per annum) of hedgerows can heat a typical 4-5 bedroom farmhouse with an energy demand of 30kW. Using hedgerow wood in this way enables a farm house to self-supply their own wood fuel indefinitely.

For environmental reasons, it is recommended that only 50% of hedgerows are coppiced to produce wood fuel. Therefore a total of 6km of hedgerow would be required. The average 50 hectare farm in the South West has 10.5km of hedgerow. This is the equivalent of approximately 10 tonnes of wood chips per annum.

Contact us to find out more about how to effectively use hedgerow wood as a biomass fuel.