Rainbow Heat and Power Explain Your Fuel Storage Options

21 November 2014

One of the biggest considerations when planning your biomass boiler project is your fuel store. This should be as big as your property will allow minimising the amount of fills per year and obtaining a better price per delivery.

We can supply a range of solutions and below we have come up with some questions you should be asking of your installer to get the best from your system.

Q. What storage facilities are needed for the fuel?

A. We supply a range of solutions from bespoke wood chip and wood pellet fuel stores, to prefabricated systems to integrated storage solutions fitted as part of the boiler.

Q. How big should a fuel store be?

A. This depends on the size and use of the boiler and the area or facilities you have to convert/create a store. The fuel store should be sized such that it that requires a maximum of 3-4 fillings per year, and is designed to take a ‘full load’ from the supplier – increasing the cost effectiveness of your chosen fuel.

Q. Do Rainbow Heat and Power biomass boilers have an auto feed option?

A. We have a range of fuel delivery systems and different sizes of fuel stores, which will auger or vacuum feed the fuel into the boiler.​

Q. Can storage units for the boiler go underground?

A. Yes they can. We can supply 4-6 tonne underground fuel stores.​

If you would like to know more about the fuel store options Rainbow heat and Power supply, please contact us on 01884 212 044 or drop us an email.