Rainbow Heat and Power General Manager Visits Lindner & Sommerauer Factory in Austria

2 December 2014

At Rainbow Heat and Power, we believe in keeping as close as possible to our key manufacturers. We aim to keep our key people up to date with key product developments and to also foster a productive working relationship with our manufacturing partners.

In addition, we are now working with a range of installation and sales partners, who we also are keen to keep updated and in receipt of the very latest information,.

Lindner and Sommerauer are continuously testing and updating their products to make sure that the biomass boilers they produce are as efficient as possible. We feel that in order to make certain we are providing the best service possible we need to continually learn and develop with the companies that we are purchasing our boilers from.

Ben Bevan, Rainbow’s General Manager, has left today with a delegation of sales and installation partners to visit the Lindner & Sommerauer plant and factory in Upper Austria. Ben’s visit was to ensure that he is up to date with all technical and commissioning aspects of the Lindner and Sommerauer boilers.

Whilst there, Ben and the customer delegation will tour the factory, see how the boilers are constructed and receive training on commissioning boilers. Not to mention the training he received on the technical workings of the biomass boilers.

We believe that in order to stay current with the changing world of biomass boilers and green energy you have to stay close with your suppliers and always continue to grow in your knowledge of the products. Ben’s visit consisted of two full days of training specifically focused on two key areas that he felt could improve our installations. Now that he is back he is putting his new knowledge to use, and informing the rest of our team about what he has learned.