Rainbow Heat and Power Get Ready For a Day at Drift and Drag Racing

14 November 2014

After a busy week in the Rainbow Heat and Power office, thoughts have turned to the weekend. As well as the usual, shopping, lay-ins and all round TV watching Hettie, our Administrative Co-Ordinator, is off to a local Drift and Drag. This is a regular event located at a local airfield, Smeatharpe in Devon.

Drift racing is done by front, or rear drive sports cars, and sport sedans and the Smeatharpe course has a 600 x 47 meter drifting area. They throw the cars into the turns in a manner that causes them to slide, often side by side, whilst racing. The drivers are trying to beat each other to the finish, but they are also judged on the style of the sidewards DRIFTS while turning, with deductions for hitting obstacles.

The sport is a fall cry from the biomass boiler world, although these cars are high performance, which could also be said of our Lindner & Sommerauer and Effecta ranges of boilers. Our biomass boilers are certainly highly efficient with a solution to suit every project from domestic boilers to commercial projects, with a 250kW output.

If worries about your biomass boiler project are keeping you from enjoying the weekends, call us on 01884 212 044 or contact us at Hello@Rainbowheatandpower.co.uk