Rainbow Heat and Power Installation at Humber Court Farm

14 October 2014

Humber Court Farm is a 200 acre mixed livestock and arable farm in Leominster, North Herefordshire.

The farm’s original biomass boiler was decommissioned, to make way for an RHI accredited wood chip district heating scheme.

A 50kW Lindner & Sommerauer biomass boiler system now heats the farm house and buildings. Heat is sent to the farm house by underground heat main.

It was a turnkey project, including all ground works and the construction of a new building to house the biomass boiler and fuel store.

Rainbow Heat and Power supplied and installed the boiler system, organised the trenching, laid the heat main and carried out all of the internal connections into the farm house and offices. We also oversaw the construction of a large, bespoke boiler house and fuel store.

The large fuel store minimises the amount of fills per year and enables them chip fuel from their own woodlands and hedges to keep the cost down. As well as fuel cost savings of up to 80%, the installation will soon be accredited into the Renewable Heat Incentive. Once approved, they will start to receive quarterly RHI payments.

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