Rainbow Heat and Power Offer RHI Compliant Biomass Boilers

24 November 2014

Rainbow Heat and Power offer 2 brands of Biomass Boilers which are both RHI Compliant. Below we have put together some information on the RHI scheme and what this could mean to your choice of biomass boiler.

While biomass boilers have been around for decades they have recently grown in popularity, in the UK, following the introduction of the Commercial RHI in 2011 and the Domestic RHI schemes.

Through these two schemes, the government is offering a tariff paid to users of biomass energy dependant on the kilowatt/hours of heat their boiler produces and whether it is to be used in a domestic or non-domestic situation.

The purpose of the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme is to help the UK reduce greenhouse gases and meet targets for the 2020 reduction of emissions to 20% below 1990 levels.

Not every biomass boiler will qualify for the RHI Scheme. When buying a boiler you must keep in mind that the biomass boiler’s emissions must be under 30g/Gj for particulates and 150g/Gj nitrogen oxide.

Our 2 brands offer many different systems with emissions that have been tested as well below the limits set by Ofgem.

Lindner & Sommerauer

Lindner & Sommerauer have manufactured a range of biomass boilers, both of which burn wood chips or wood pellets. These Austrian boilers are ideal for robust and rugged applications. There are two boilers in the range, the SL 50/150kW and the SL 199/250.


Effecta has three decades of experience in producing zero carbon technologies. With this experience comes quality, shown by the care Effecta takes in selecting locally sourced materials whenever possible.

Rainbow Heat and Power offer the Effecta Lambda Log Boiler and the Effecta Komplett III Wood Pellet biomass boiler. Both these boilers are suitable for domestic applications.

To read the emission certificates for each boiler please click on the above links. If you have any questions relating to which boiler would be the right system for your project, contact us at Hello@rainbowheatandpower.co.uk