Rainbow Heat and Power Supplying the UK with Lindner & Sommerauer Biomass Boilers

13 October 2014

Lindner & Sommerauer was founded in 1991 by Hermann Lindner and Christian Sommerauer to manufacture biomass boilers. They are based in Upper Austria, the European centre of excellence for wood heating systems and are one of Europe’s leading biomass boiler manufacturers.

Over twenty years’ experience has enabled Lindner & Sommerauer to develop some of the most advanced wood chip and wood pellet biomass boiler heating systems on the market. Prior to manufacturing biomass boilers, the company's origins are in mineral extraction, which is one of the reasons that their fuel delivery systems are considered to be the best on the market.

Robust, reliable heating technology is further backed up by the peace of mind from a 5 year warranty on the boiler, all electronic controls and wearing parts. Given that the industry standard is two years, this further demonstrates the confidence that the company has in the reliability of their products.

Rainbow Heat and Power supply two systems, the SL 50-150kW and the SL 199-250kW, both of which run on wood chips and wood pellets. They feature a patented burner system and rotary grate which delivers highly efficient combustion at 905+ and temperatures in excess of 1,000oC.

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