Rainbow Heat and Power Visiting Lindner & Sommerauer Biomass Boiler Factory

27 November 2014

Next week, our General Manager Ben Bevan is due to visit the Lindner & Sommerauer biomass boiler factory in Austria.

Joining Ben will be a delegation of customers and biomass boiler installation partners. The trip has been set up in order to let our guests find out more about Lindner & Sommerauer’s SL range of biomass boilers.

The Lindner and Sommerauer SL 50-150 Series range of biomass boilers deliver a combination of high heat output, optimum combustion, usability and easy maintenance.

This range is available to burn G20-G50 (pieces of between 20mm and 50mm) wood chips or ENPLus A1 or A2 wood pellets and heat outputs vary from 50 to 150kW with a single boiler. For a more powerful system, up to 6 multiple boilers can be installed in cascade up to 900kW.

The Lindner and Sommerauer  SL199/250 Series of biomass boilers burns up to G20-G50 (20mm to 50mm chips size) wood chips or ENPlus A1 or A2 wood pellets.

Heat outputs from 199kW up to 250kW are available from a single boiler system and up to six boilers can be cascaded up to a total system size of 1,500kW.

Find out more about this range of biomass boilers here.