The year in full colour

2 January 2015

Ah, it’s that time of the year again – at the beginning of one, having just left another. We tend to be a little more reflective and appreciative of all that we may have gone through and how we fared the other end.


We, here at Rainbow Heat & Power, are feeling just as reflective about 2014. We’ve taken on challenges, jumped through hoops, fought our way through mud and despite our feet being weighed down by clods of clay, we never gave up... We took everything in our stride, picked ourselves up and simply marched on. I believe it’s fair to say that after all we’ve been through and, we’re proud to be standing here today having achieved all that we have. Oh, I could list them all but...ok, I will list them all since you insist.



We boast an extensive and complete range of spares in the UK that it would even make the likes of the AA and RAC wince. In addition to having sold over 100 systems in 2014 alone, we successfully installed a 1MW drying floor made up of 4 x 250 T 6R Lindner & Sommerauer boilers. Ok, so it was technically Wye Valley Energy but we’re all one happy family and celebrate our achievements as one. We have also established Lindner & Sommerauer as a recognisable brand in the UK that is widely known for producing technically advanced, robust and reliable systems.


We were fortunate to be visited by Mr and Mrs Lindner. Their positive feedback was much appreciated and we’re both enjoying how well things are going so far and the direction we’re heading.


We’re really very humble with our success and achievements and I’m sure you’re just as surprised why we haven’t even whispered to a soul when we were told during Lindner & Sommerauer’s head engineer, Gerald’s visit that we have the best installation of all their partner companies, most of who have been with them for over 15 years. I know right? You think we’d dedicate a whole paragraph on that in one of our news pieces, but no, we’re all about being very humble.


Apart from setting reliable partnerships with a range of companies across the UK, from those that neighbour us in the South West all the up to Inverness, we decided to be an importer for Effecta, taking them under the Rainbow wing and having the chance to do the company and their systems justice by making them a major player in the domestic biomass market that they deserve to be.


After writing all of that, I am concerned that I may have given you the wrong impression about us. We are not just about the practical, oh no, life would be too dull otherwise. We know how to have our share of fun. Who mentioned the Christmas party again?! Ok, so we had just a little too much fun at the Christmas do. I dare say October fared a little worse in comparison when we made our first trip to the infamous Oktoberfest with our partners. What happened in Munich, stays in Munich. Need I say more?


Surely you’d agree too that after all our hard work of showing the world the golden biomass path, we need to unwind and have a little fun – daily. Well, we would have a whole lot more fun if we still had our table football in our boardroom before it was cruelly taken away from us and strangely made its way back to the Sales Director’s house. All very suspicious I say.


Looking ahead

2015 is no longer a hop, skip and a jump away – it’s here! We’ve been reflective and ever so appreciative of 2014 but we’ve also excitedly skipped in to work today as we can’t wait to start another year and do it all over again – bigger and better this time. Where would we be without every single one of our employees who have worked tirelessly and form the backbone of Rainbow? We will also take the opportunity to review all processes and procedures and further improve our unrivalled support of our customers.


We are raring to get this year underway, carrying along a sack full of lessons, experience, success, hope, determination and aspirations. Nothing’s going to stop us from marching on proudly. We’re also honoured to have gained so many loyal customers who will still be beaming like Cheshire cats with their biomass boilers for a while yet. And we’re proud we made it happen for them.