Rainbow Heat and Power Explain Why an Effecta Biomass Boiler Could Be Perfect for Your Project

4 November 2014

Effecta have just released some new brochures for the Komplett III and the Lambda Log Boiler these include some additions to the features on these boilers. Rainbow Heat and Power would recommend reading through the new material but in the meantime have produced a quick summary.

Effecta Komplett III

The Effecta Komplett range of wood pellet boilers offer limitless installation possibilities. This range of modern biomass boilers has been developed to suit most houses and homes. If doesn’t matter if you are currently heating oil, mains gas, LPG or electricity, the Komplett III will suit both new build and retrofit applications.

The Effecta Komplett III has an immense ash in which only needs to be emptied once or twice a year. The boiler is automatically cleaned on each burn cycle, ensuring the Komplett III always operates at the highest efficiency and requires fewer services. On the front of the boiler is an integrated touch screen display. This gives you an instant overview of the boilers performance as well as easy access to the boilers key functions. Each Komplett III can control up to three heating circuits.

One of the features that make this boiler such a good fit for domestic clients is the built in hot-water production. This means that it produces both heating and domestic hot water, everything that you need to provide heat and hot water for your household.

Effecta Lambda Log Boiler

Effecta Lambda simplifies your wood firing substantially, because the boiler itself knows how combustion is running with the assistance of a lambda sensor in the flue. The air inlet dampers on the front of the boiler are equipped with motors to give the best combustion and highest efficiency at all times, if doesn’t matter if the logs are large, small or different sizes.

The Lambda must always be used in association with an Buffer Tank. We recommend that the tank should have at least 1000, 1500 or 3,000 litre capacity. The highly efficient combustion process and the large loading capacity means that you don’t need to refill the boiler very often. The energy stored in the accumulator tank is ready to be used for heating and domestic hot water when required.

The Effecta Lambda can have a wood pellet burner retro-fitted as an option. The Effecta Lambda can be fuelled by a combination of wood pellets and logs either from the start or in the future.

For the full brochures please follow the links on our Effecta webpage. If you have any questions on our Effecta boilers or queries on your biomass boiler project, please get in contact with us at Hello@RainbowHeatandPower.co.uk.