Up to 80% Fuel Cost Savings and RHI Payment Support Establishment For a Sustainable Farm Business

30 October 2014

Hallslake Farm occupies a stunning setting overlooking the breathtaking, steeply undulating valley where the East Lyn River meets Farley Water, before rushing to join the Bristol Chanel at Lynmouth.

Much of the partly timbered surrounding countryside is National Trust owned, and the woodlands provide great opportunities for the supply of biomass fuel. 

Since buying the farm, the owners have been trying to establish a sustainable farm business. Their plans are to use biomass to reduce their heating costs and to gain income from the Renewable Heat Incentive to support them in the longer term.

Rainbow Heat and Power supplied and installed a 110kW Lindner & Sommerauer biomass boiler to burn wood chips and to heat the farm house and lambing sheds. The system includes a 2,000 litre thermal store with coil, insulation and a 5 metre agitator.

The installation is eligible for the Commercial Renewable Heat Incentive and a project of this size would generate RHI payments of approximately £12,141, every year for 20 years. The fuel cost savings and RHI payments combined will mean a 5-6 year payback on the capital cost of the equipment.

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